Brevans are sensible folk and as such, they make it a point to honor all the gods.  However, there are three gods that hold particular prominence in Brevoy.

The unifying religious power in Brevoy is the Church of Abadar.  Abadar is particularly favored among the merchant and tradesman class as well as those nobles who prefer prosperity through trade and rule of law as opposed to battle.  Temples of Abadar are places of judgment and trade and the bearers of the golden key are often employed as neutral judges and arbiters.

If Abadar is the preferred deity of the more mercantile nobles, then Gorum is the favored deity of those noble houses who prefer to obtain and maintain power through force of arms.  The household priests of the great keeps and strongholds of the land are iron clad followers of Gorum, and can be identified by their red tabards and swinging their iron censers full of incense.

The common people of Brevoy; however, tend to favor Pharasma.  The common folk are far more concerned with cultivation, birthing and harvesting than they are with trade or battle.  Inhabitants of the scattered villages are far more acquainted with the local bone thrower or black-clad mortician monk than they are with the splendid clerics of Abadar or Gorum.

In recent years, there has also been a push, especially among the common folk in small, rural areas, to bring back the faith of the Old Gods.  In particular, Erastil has seen a recent surge in devotion among members of many small, outlying communities.


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