House Rules

These will hopefully be few in number, but I will keep them updated as the game progresses.

1.  Character advancement.  I will announce when characters level up.  This is mainly to a) avoid the tracking, and calculation, of XP, and to allow the party to explore the sandbox without feeling the need to turn over every nook and cranny along the way to make sure that they are "appropriate level".  Additionally, while the core of the campaign will be taken straight from the Kingmaker AP, I do anticipate adding, deleting, and modifying content along the way, and this will ensure that the party is always high enough level.

2.  Kingdom building rules will be based off the rules found in Ultimate Campaign and Ultimate Rulership for those who wish to read up on them.

3.  Hit Points.  Characters will roll for hit points at each level.  Characters can choose, after rolling for their hit points, to have the GM roll instead, but must keep the result of the GM's roll.

4.  Healing effects.  After rolling to determine how many hit points are healed, characters can opt to have the GM roll for the hit points healed instead, but must keep the result of the GM's roll.

House Rules

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