Oleg Leveton

Proprietor of Oleg's Trading Post


Growing up the son of a butcher in the city of Restov, Oleg soon learned about all the “wonders” of civilization. Watching his father labor long hours day and night to collect what money he could, only to have to hand most of it over to the local tax collectors and protection rackets, Oleg always bristled at the comments of these collectors who assured his father that he was doing right by his family. Oleg was just twenty years old when he inherited the family business from his father who had grown ill and could not afford the more advanced treatments offered by the local churches.

Oleg swore to himself then that he would not allow himself to be placed at the mercy of a family so that he could stand up to those who would otherwise bully him. Life, however, has a funny way of changing one’s views. Oleg had been toiling in his butcher shop for ten years, saving up what coin he could, when a beautiful, young woman named Svetlana entered one day. Despite his oath, Oleg was instantly smitten with the young blonde and a friendship soon developed into much more. A year later they married shortly after her twenty first birthday. Svetlana worked at the shop with Oleg, but the collectors only became more persistent as the Regent continued to raise taxes.

Finally, in early 4709, Oleg was able to scrape enough gold together to purchase the deed to an old, abandoned outpost on the border of Brevoy, just inside the Stolen Lands. Oleg was pleased for he was, at last, able to leave the “wonders” of civilization behind and live his life freely.

Recently, following the death of Torm Lebeda, Oleg agreed to take over the post of Treasurer on the High Council.

Oleg Leveton

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