Nugrah the Decrepit

Father of the Stag Lord


Nugrah is an old, decrepit human druid, though some would say that he barely qualifies as human anymore. In his youth, he was a devout follower of the Green Faith until he met, and wed a beautiful young woman. Their love blossomed and soon she was pregnant. Unfortunately for her, and many others as it would turn out, she died during childbirth, and Nugrah, distraught over the death of his beloved blamed his newborn son for her death.

Nugrah’s hatred of the child was so deep that he refused to even give the boy a name, merely calling him “the boy”. However, the boy represented the only link he had left his beloved wife and as such, he could not bare to abandon or kill the boy. That did not stop him from unleashing his anger on the child though. Eventually, despite the near constant abuse from Nugrah, the boy grew strong and would switch roles with Nugrah, becoming the master to his father. This boy, would soon thereafter become known as The Stag Lord.

Nugrah the Decrepit

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