Nirion Surtova

Cousin to King Noleski Surtova


Although the swordlords of Restov attempted to keep their expeditions into the Stolen Lands a secret, an endeavor that grand is never able to be kept completely quiet, especially in a city with eyes in every corner. As such, it was no surprise that King Surtova soon found out about the expeditions and saw them for exactly what they were, an attempt by Rostland to secure their southern border so as to be better positioned in the event of a civil war in Brevoy.

When the swordlords opted to grant their expeditions the right to rule their regions of the Stolen Lands, Noleski saw an opportunity. He sent his cousin, Nirion, to negotiate treaties with each of the fledgling nations so as to potentially be able to surround Rostland in the event of war. Nirion met with the leaders of Pohjola but was firmly rebuffed, a move that he hinted could bear serious consequences for the start up nations. Rumors however suggest that he did find a willing ally in Hannis Drelev; however.

Nirion Surtova

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