Nina Kitalla

Councilor of Pohjola


Lady Kitalla is a fragile looking old woman with a constant disheveled look about her. Despite her disheveled appearance though she has an air of elegance about her and those who interact with her for long get a sense of the First World from her.

When the party was first establishing their new kingdom, Pohjola, Lady Kitalla approached them and offered them some aid, stating that she was old, and that she would not likely live long enough to enjoy all her wealth anyway. She had one condition; however, she insisted that the fey be given equal rights within the kingdom of Pohjola. She did not demand that they be given free reign, rather just that all the laws protecting the citizenry of Pohjola also apply to the fey. The party felt highly enough of Lady Kitalla that they ultimately offered her the position of Councilor of Pohjola, believing that she would be the perfect liaison between the Council and the people of the kingdom.

Nina Kitalla

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