Lily Teskertin

Bar maid


Lily is the only daughter of a former adventurer who died a few years back. Growing up she listened intently to her father’s tales of adventure and the sites that he had seen, including rumors of an ancient elven ruin somewhere in the Greenbelt. When Pohjola was founded, Lily sought a new life in the new land and implored any who would listen to seek out that ruin and bring back a memento from it. She feels that this was a much better way to honor and remember her father.

When Kanon Phodder did just that, Lily was extremely grateful and rewarded him with her father’s old cloak, as well as a few kisses. She was even more excited to learn that Kanon intended to head back out into the Narlmarches to seek out the trolls in the area in order to defend the growing kingdom.

Lily Teskertin

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