Karsten Lebeda

Swordlord and member of House Lebeda


Karsten Lebeda is a fairly renowned sword lord of Restov and a prominent member of House Lebeda. There have long been rumors that he is anything but a friend to Noleski Surtova and that he would like nothing more than to see the Surtova claim to the throne dashed. While he would like little more than to see Rostland free and independent again, he knows also that the time is not right for an open rebellion.

In the middle of Calistril, 4710, Karsten hired the party to “acquire” some documents for him. These documents were the original deeds to a series of lands that have been taken from House Lebeda and House Garess. Although the party was successful in retrieving these documents from the Bank of Abadar in Restov, they were spotted by gargoyles in the process. With it being unsafe for the party to remain in the city for the time being, Karsten rewarded the party with a charter to explore the Stolen Lands, providing them with a bit of coin and horses at the same time.

Karsten Lebeda

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