Jhod Kavken

High Priest of Pohjola


Jhod was a priest of Erastil in a small Varisian town but left that post for reasons that are not entirely clear. As he traveled across Golarion, Jhod learned of an ancient, lost temple to Erastil that is rumored to lie within the Green Belt inside the Stolen Lands. Jhod has asked the party to locate this temple and report to him when they find it, though he has warned them that the temple is guarded by a bear and that something is not quite right with the bear.

After the party located the lost temple, and cleansed it of the lingering malice, Jhod proved very grateful, offering spell casting services to the party free of charge and has healed party members on multiple occasions. When the party received a charter to establish the new nation of Pohjola, Jhod happily accepted the position of High Priest on the council.

Jhod Kavken

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