Stolen Lands

Raven's Bluff: Squatter's Paradise

The following morning, the party continued to meet with various representatives of different interests as many came calling on the leaders of the new nation of Pohjola.  Many of the major noble houses checked in with offers of aid, as did the Church of Pharasma, Mivon, and a retired soldier turned merchant by the name of Count Addar Arnovski.  The initial offers gave the leaders much to think about as they soon realized that they ran the risk of entangling themselves into alliances and rivalries.  As they thought these offers over, they received a visit from Maegar Varn who once again renewed his desire to maintain good relations between his nation and Pohjola

Over the next few days, the party decided to attempt to negotiate better terms on some of the offers that they had received.  They were successful on several occasions in their attempts to receive better deals, or more favorable terms.  Prior to making any final decisions, Joseph spent some time looking into Count Arnovski and attempting to learn what, if any, agreements Hannis Drelev had made.  Joseph learned that Arnovski was a Rostlandic agitator who is hoping to see Rostland rise up against Issia and Noleski Surtova in particular.  What he also learned though was that Arnovski is hoping that the new kingdoms in the Stolen Lands will rile the Surtovas enough that they become entangled in the Stolen Lands, thereby making the Rostlandic rebellion more likely to succeed.  With respect to Baron Drelev, Joseph learned that it appeared as though he was likely to make agreements with House Surtova and House Lodovka.

Ultimately, the leaders of the new nation made agreements with most of their suitors as follows:

Mivon:  They agreed to establish a trade route with Mivon within three years and to negotiate permanent southern limits to the expansion of Pohjola.

Lady Nina Kitalla:  Pohjola agreed to grant equal rights to all fey within their lands and equal protection.  Additionally, Lady Kitalla agreed to serve as Councillor.

Count Addar Arnovski:  Pohjola agreed to allow him to build a system of lochs along the Shrike River so that he can further his mercantile trade routes.

Lady Vellara:  The leaders agreed to gift her a large area of land where she'll establish a vineyard and winery.

Church of Pharasma:  The church will pay for a graveyard to be built in the kingdom and the leaders of the nation will agree to outlaw the evil practices of necromancy and help the church in eliminating the undead.

Church of Gorum:  Pohjola agrees to build a military academy within five years and in addition, should the legendary weapon Ovinrbaane be located, it is to be turned over to the church.

Church of Erastil:  In exchange for a small amount of resources, Pohjola agreed that the High Priest would be filled by a worshipper of Erastil, and that position was given to Jhod Kavken.

Golden Spinnakers:  The council agreed that they would establish trade agreements with the guild and additionally, when the time came, they would allow the guild to run a rail system through Pohjola.

House LebedaTorm was eager to accept an agreement with his cousins.  The Council agreed that they would establish a trade agreement with House Lebeda and additionally, Elanna Lebeda would take on the role of Magister. 

House Orlovsky:  Pohjola agreed to an alliance of both mercantile and military interests, agreeing to aid each other should the need arise. 

Most notable in the rejected offers were that the leaders of the new nation rejected the overtures of House Lodovka and House Surtova.

After finalizing their assorted agreements, the leaders returned to their new nation and established their first settlement, Raven's Bluff.  The party got to work building a housing district and started the construction of an inn.  It seemed as though there was much hope and optimism for the new nation as Raven's Bluff was flooded with interested settlers.  So much so that there was insufficient housing for all of them and a group of squatters took up residence near the newly built housing district.  Baron Black attempted to calm the unruly citizens, but was unable to do so initially.


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