Stolen Lands

One Eye on History

As the party returned to Candlemere Island, Darrick and Torm decided to explore some of the brambles around the tower, leaving the rest to explore the depths of the tower. Not to be deterred, the remaining four party members ventured forth and investigated the seemingly bottomless pit.

The exploration began by lowering Kanon into the pit. As he descended; however, he felt something slimy wrap around his waist. It grabbed Kanon tight and could have spelled trouble for the fighter were it not for the quick thinking of Joseph who cast a spell on Kanon allowing him to slip free of the slimy grasp. Kanon was pulled back up and at this point BaronĀ Black could see to the bottom of the pit and estimated it to be only about sixty feet deep, though the others still could not see through what appeared to be some sort of an illusion. The party attempted to take some shots at the creature in the pit, but with most of them having to rely upon Vlad's description, they were unable to inflict much damage and the creature soon retreated.

Once again Kanon allowed himself to be lowered into the pit by a rope as Vlad prepared a second rope around himself to be able to follow right behind should Kanon find more trouble. As Kanon descended, he heard a weird, unintelligible mumbling emitted from the bottom of the pit. At first it appeared to have little to no effect on Kanon but he soon began to babble inoherently before once again becoming wrapped up by the creature. This time; however, Kanon was not able to break free, and to his horror, this creature had several mouths that latched onto him and began to suck his blood, even as the amorphous creature molded itself around him, completely engulfing Kanon.

The party fought valiantly but Cice never could pierce the illusion that hovered over the pit and as such, could do little to help. As Joseph and Vlad attacked the creature, it eventually spat Kanon out, but not before the brave fighter had given his life. Working together tough, Joseph and Vlad were at last, able to kill the creature. The group began to mourn Kanon when Cice noticed a magical ring half submerged in the mud at the bottom of the pit. As she examined this ring, should could not make out all the properties in the ring, but it appeared as though it conferred on the wearer the ability to reincarnate another. Cice wasted no time in using the ring to reincarnate Kanon, who came back to life, albeit with a much more coppery skin tone and the ability to see in the dark.

With Kanon restored to life, the party had time to examine the bottom of the pit and saw that the walls of the pit were completely covered in carvings. The entirety of those carvings was words in the Cyclops languange. There was also a carved hallway leading out of the pit and this too had the walls covered in the Cyclopean language. The party followed the hallway, and the carvings, to a room wherein the skeleton of the mage Danmac Lettadel lay. Around his neck was a magical amulet that proved to be an Amulet of Natural Armor. Also among the remains of the mage was his personal journal describing how he came to the Stolen Lands to study the Candlemere Tower and how he learned of an ancient struggle between the Cyclopean Empire and Yog-Sothoth.

The party pressed forward and were soon met by another aberration, one that looked like a giant maggot but with a tail full of sharp teeth and a sharp stinger. This particular creature also appeared to suck the marrow out of the bones of its victims. It was a difficult battle, but the party once again prevailed and located a secret door in the room that lead to another short hallway. Rather than press their luck though, the party decided to spend the night before moving on so that they could recoup some of their energy and resources. That night though their dreams were filled with terrible visions and nightmares, though most were still able to get a good night's sleep.

The following morning the party explored the short hallway and found a room that housed a foul smelling, three legged creature that attacked Kanon. As the doors were opened though the party realized that there was a darkness obscuring the ceiling of the room. At about the same time, Vlad became paranoid and tried to resist Joseph's efforts to make him stronger. Kanon battled the creature, trading blows back and forth but soon Vlad became particularly paranoid and ran out of the room, striking Joseph down in the hallway as he fled. As Vlad ran, and Joseph bled, Kanon and Cice attempted to fight on, only to eventually see a second creature reveal itself as the darkness at the top of the room dispersed. Cice also noticed that there was a swirling, purple mass at the top of the room that resembled a portal to some unknown region.

Despite their valiant efforts, Kanon soon went down as well and Cice was forced to retreat in the hopes of saving her comrades later. Cice did use her familiar, Scree, to observe the creatures as they appeared to simply wait in the short hallway where Kanon and Joseph's bodies lay. It was short time later when Cice observed the creatures retreat from the hallway, leaving the bodies where they were. Cice was able to revive Kanon, but when they attempted to do the same to Joseph, he would not wake, though they did notice that he continued to breathe.

As Cice and Kanon dragged Joseph's body out of the tower, they soon found Vlad who insisted the party had attacked him, but was cautiously still trusting the party. He was able to cast a small restoration spell on Joseph, enabling the Cleric to at least wake, though Joseph was unable to interact with the party. The party was able to return to Ravens Bluff where Jhod Kavken was able to determine that Joseph had suffered a terrible amount of wisdom damage, but fortunately between Jhod and Vlad, they were able to restore all of Joseph's lost wisdom. With that the party vowed to return to the Tower at some point to deal with the entities inside, but first they needed to reflect on what they had already learned.


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