Stolen Lands

Deathly Chill

The exploration begins . . .

The party picked up where they left off last time, beginning with an interrogation of the bandit Kressle.  Upon questioning the bandit, the party learned that there is a larger group of bandits in the area, under the leadership of The Stag Lord.  Kressle mentioned that there is a fort to the south where the Stag Lord lives and that all their spoils go to the fort and the bandits are then given their cut of the spoils after delivering them.  When questioned as to why she chose the bandit life, Kressle merely stated that people had always tried to take from her and she learned early on that if she didn't take back, she'd just be a victim.  Despite being given numerous opportunities, Kressle refused to repent for her crimes.  With a heavy snow falling, the party decided to take the boots from the bandits and tie them up in the tents for the night.

The next morning the party awoke to find that nearly five feet of snow had fallen over the past twelve hours.  They also discovered that all but two of the bandits had died during the night due to exposure.  The remaining bandits were Kressle and Sylvano Baggio.  With the snow having finally stopped falling, the party set off to return to Oleg's to report on their success and to turn over their captives.  Along the way though they questioned Sylvano and learned that he was much more accepting to rejecting the bandit life and trying to earn an honest living.  Sylvano also revelaed more information about the Stag Lord, stating that he was a cruel and brutal leader, but also a drunk.  Given his cooperation and his willingness to leave the bandit life behind him, the party decided that Sylvano would be spared and allowed to travel to Brevoy.  However, Kressle still refused to repent for her crimes and was thus, executed by Vlad Black after Joseph Lagrange consulted his harrow deck. 

After nearly two days of travel, the party finally returned to Oleg's with their one remaining bandit.  As they arrived they discovered that a group of mercenaries had arrived from Restov to serve as guards for Oleg, lead by Kesten Garess.  Kesten did inform the party that he was looking for a bandit by the name of Falgrim Sneeg.  He warned the party that Sneeg was dangerous but promised a reward should Sneeg be brought to justice.  The party also learned that Jhod Kavken, a priest of Erastil, had arrived at Oleg's.  Jhod then informed the party that he was searching for a lost temple to Erastil that was rumored to be hidden somewhere in the Stolen Lands

After resting up and trading with Oleg, the party went back out into the wild to start exploring the Greenbelt in earnest.  Early on, their explorations proved fairly easy, encountering a pair of worgs, but having little trouble dispatching them.  They then came across the ramshackle hut of Bokken.  They traded with Bokken and then learned that the hermit was on the lookout for fangberries.  From there they continued to travel south where they encountered the lair of a trap door spider that had clearly been very active in the area.  They were able to kill the spider and when they investigated its lair, Vlad found a cryptic map.


The party then circled back to Oleg's and reported what they had found before resting up and heading south again.  They traveled mostly due south from Oleg's, toward the area where they found the bandit camp.  Unfortunately for the party, as they traveled through the forest, they were ambushed by a shambling mound.  Joseph was killed almost instantly as he was grabbed by the giant plant and then squeezed to death.  The party rallied and tried to fight off the plant but soon Feldspar fell victim to the creature as well after he was slammed by the plant and knocked unconscious.  As the party fought on, they were at last able to slay the creature, but not before Feldspar succumbed to his injuries.  With sullen hearts, the party carefully loaded Joseph and Feldspar onto the horses and returned to Oleg's. 



Vlad asks Jhod if he has a contact that can restore Feldspar and Joseph to life. If so, we will owe him a debt. The party does not have the funds to bring our fallen comrades back from the dead.

Deathly Chill

Jhod assures the party that he should be able to help and even suggests that they might be able to come to a mutual arrangement.

Deathly Chill
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