Stolen Lands

Birth of a Nation

With the death of The Stag Lord, the party had a chance to rest and to interrogate the three remaining bandits, Akiros Ismort, Auchs, and Jeb the Snitch.  They learned from the three that the hills on either side of the fort were haunted and that the dead would rise up from beneath the ground whenever anyone walked amongst the hills.  Upon looking through the fort, the party was able to find a few faded symbols to the hag goddess Gyronna which may have explained the undead in the area, but they could not say for certain.  Akiros also informed that party that due to the haunted hillsides, the practice of the fort was to simply toss any dead bodies over the cliff and into the Tuskwater Lake

The party then began a search of the fort and soon found the Stag Lord's personal cache.  While most of the belongings were mere mundane items such as bedding and clothing, they did locate one chest that filled with valuables.  They also located the fort's armory where numerous mundane weapons and arrows were stored.  As the party was wondering where the everyday foodstuffs and other items were stored, Akiros somewhat reluctantly told them about the cellar where most of the fort's wealth was stored.  His hesitation had nothing to do with not wanting to help the party, but rather with not wanting to have to have contact with the guardian of the fort's supplies, Nugrah the Decrepit.  He did ultimately lead them to the trap door down to the cellar and explained that in all likelihood, Nugrah would attack them.

Once in the cellar, the party was indeed attacked by Nugrah who had shifted into the form of a wolverine.  He proved to be little match for the party though and was soon rendered unconscious and the vast wealth of the fort was the party's for the taking.  The party did interrogate Nugrah and through him learned much of the rather sad tale of the Stag Lord and of the druid's conversion to the worship of Gozreh.  Ultimately the party decided to let Nugreh go after he stated that he did not really wish to help the party in overseeing the affairs in the Greenbelt, though they did confiscate his lone weapon, a mundane club.  With the exploration of the fort completed, the party sent a message to Oleg's detailing the defeat of the Stag Lord and asking him to relay the same to Karsten Lebeda.

From there the party set out to finish exploring the rest of the northern Greenbelt, while also making the trek back to Nettle's Crossing to bring the corpse of the Stag Lord to the guardian of the Shrike River.  When the reached the crossing, they rang the bell to get the attention of Davik Nettles who then rose from the waters and walked across the top of the river toward the party.  Vlad then informed Davik that they had killed the Stag Lord and proceeded to throw his corpse into the river.  Davik quickly grabbed the Stag Lord's body and pulled it under the water.  The party watched as the waters churned for about a minute, then as they calmed, Davik's magical ranseur washed up on shore, a gift from the undead guardian of the Shrike.

The party then headed west, into the Narlmarches to finish their exploration of the Northern Greenbelt.  For the most part, their exploration proved to be uneventful; however they did encounter a tatzlwyrm named Sithriss with whom they managed peaceful contact.  The party ultimately purchased a cold iron longsword from him and agreed to allow him to keep his home on the Skunk River free from any interference from the party or their subjects.  With their exploration of the northern Greenbelt complete, the party headed back to Oleg's to restock as well as to inform Kesten Garess of the fate of Falgrim Sneeg who had been killed during the fight at the Stag Lord' fort.

Waiting for the party when they arrived at Oleg's was a package from Restov containing the payment from the swordlords for the killing of the Stag Lord, as well as a summons to come back to Brevoy.  The party then made haste for the farm where they had first received their charter, just outside of Restov.  When they arrived they found that Maegar Varn was already there and on the following day Hannis Drelev arrived.  It seemed clear that the swordlords had summoned each of the groups that had been sent into the Stolen Lands.  As the second day wore on though Karsten seemed to grow increasingly nervous, finally relating to the party that he had yet to hear back from the Iron Wraiths, the group that had been sent the furthest away, out to near the border with Pitax

It was during dinner on the third day when everyone learned the fate of the Iron Wraiths. There was a commotion from outside and when those gathered inside went out to look they observed a large, metal carriage sporting two gunmen on the top and drawn by two horses.  Exiting the carriage and wearing a mysterious clockwork suit of armor was King Irovetti of Pitax.  He was carrying a metal shield bearing the symbol of the Iron Wraiths, which after barging into the dinner hall he threw down on the table, causing large cracks to form in the thick, wooden surface.  He proclaimed that there would be a reckoning for the audacity of the swordlords in sending spies to his border then promptly stormed out of the hall and got back in his carriage.

Visibly shaken by the sudden intrusion, Karsten decided that they might as well get down to business at that point.  He announced to those assembled that the swordlords were very pleased with their progress thus far and as such, they were handing out a new charter to each group.  This new charter granted each group the right to rule their particular section of the Stolen Lands.  He also informed the groups that the swordlords would be supporting each group with an initial shipment of supplies, laborers and settlers.  Privately, he then informed the party that while the swordlords had tried to keep their operations in the Stolen Lands quiet, things of this nature never stay truly secret and as a result, there were many in Restov who might be willing to bargain with the party to provide additional aid in the formation of their new nation.

The following day the party traveled to Restov where Karsten had set them up in the Flaming Wench Inn so that they could begin meeting with those who wished to deal with them during the formation of their new nation.  The party also took this opportunity to begin discusses each member's role in the new nation.  The party ultimately decided that Vlad would take on the role of ruler of the new nation.  After deciding on that, the party then began to meet with various representatives of assorted factions and noble houses.  By the end of the very long day, the party had met with several envoys of various interests and realized that they had only just touched the tip of the proverbial iceberg. They concluded the day with the knowledge that there would be a lot of discussion, thought, negotiating, and meetings that they would have to go through just to get their new nation started.


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