Stolen Lands

Alas Poor Feldspar, We Knew Him Well

After stocking up on supplies, the party resumed their exploration of the Greenbelt region of the Stolen Lands.  They headed east to visit Bokken and purchase a few potions before exploring the area around his little hut.  Much of the region surrounding Bokken's hut proved to be open plains with little in the way of trouble; however, as they traveled south they did run into a group of bandits operating under The Stag Lord.  The party began by pretending to be fellow bandits under the Stag Lord's leadership but Feldspar then moved to attack.  The fight with the bandits proved to be a brief, easy fight and half the bandits were dead as the other half surrendered.  The party took the surviving bandits captive and finished exploring the region, finidng the hidden stash referenced by the map found in the lair of the spider the party had fought several weeks ago.  The bandits were then taken back to Oleg's and turned over to the soldiers there. 

The party set back out and continued to explore to the south and east of Oleg's.  They encountered an ancient sycamore tree that Tyg indicated might be home to some mites, an evil race of fey creatures.  The party was looking for the mites because the captured bandits indicated that one of their bags of loot taken from Oleg's had been stolen by a group of small blue creatures.  When the party arrived at the sycamore tree, they found a narrow opening leading into and under the tree. The party waited outside the tree for a mite to exit and quickly subdued it.  Speaking with the mite prove difficult as nobody in the party spoke its language, but Micka was able to at least cast comprehend languages so he could understand the creature.  Using a series of gestures, Micka came to understand that the mites had Svetlana's ring at one time but that the ring had been stolen by a band of kobolds.  The mite seemed to think that the kobolds might be to the south of the mite lair, but was not sure.

As the party continued their exploration and search for Svetlana's ring, they located a heavily obscured cave opening.  Entering the cave, Micka soon found a promising gold vein in the walls of the cave.  The party marked the cave's location on their map and then did their best to heavily conceal its entrance in the hopes of being able to start up a mine at a later date.  Shortly after locating the mine, the party found the entrance to the kobold lair, a lair that was apparently once a silver mine.  Feldspar snuck into the lair and found a captured mite in a cage near the entrance, which he freed.  Feldspar continued to explore the entrance and soon found a pit trip that he easily jumped over.  The paryt began to follow Feldspar but stopped when they got to the pit trap.  Micka began to pound pitons into the wall before Torm eventually sent his eidolon to jump the pit as well.  Unfortunately for George, the eidolon, he did not jump as far as Feldspar and instead landed in the far pit trap, the one that Feldspar did not see, but had cleared anyway. 

It was at this time that a lone kobold approached Feldspar, only to be shot with an arrow.  The kobold protested that he only wanted to talk, so Feldspar healed him with his wand.  The kobold offered to lead the party into the lair in order to talk to their leader, Tartuk.  The party took the kobold's offer and was soon lead deep into the lair.  Along the way, more and more kobolds began to gather around them and one of them introduced himself as Chief Sootscale.  Chief Sootscale indicated that Tartuk was now leading the tribe but that he was not entirely happy with Tartuk's leadership. The party did eventually reach Tartuk where he indicated that he did indeed have the ring that they were looking for.  He told the party that if they retrieved the statue of their god from the mites, that he would then give the party the ring. 

With that, the party then returned to the Old Sycamore to try to recover the statue from the mites.  Joseph agreed to scout out the mite lair in his fox form in an effort to either locate Svetalana's ring or at least get a layout of the lair.  As he scouted the lair, Joseph was able to view several distinct areas and noted that the lair descended deep under the tree.  He observed what appeared to be some sort of workshop where two mites were playing a game of shooting caltrops into each other's mouths.  He also located an area that appeared to be a hatching ground for giant centipedes.  Finally, he was able to find a room where several mites were torturing a captive kobold.  Joseph backed out of the lair and informed the party of what he had found.

The party then descended into the lair beneath the tree, quickly killing the two mites in the workshop. They then went further down toward where the kobold was being tortured.  Again the torturers were easily killed and the kobold was rescued, though his three brethren that were previously tortured in the same room were already dead.  At the far end of the room was a chasm about ten feet wide and twenty feet deep.  There was a rope strung across the chasm that had several hand holds already tied into it, but Joseph opted to tie a second rope and jump across the chasm.  He then briefly scouted ahead and found several more mites arguing around a table on which was an ivory statue depicted a demon like creature.  Also in the room with the mites was a giant tick, roughly the size of a bugbear.  Joseph came back to the party and reported what he saw. 

Feldspar that crossed the chasm using the rope with the handholds, but that rope proved to be trapped as one of the handholds gave way and Feldspar began to fall.  Fortunately he was able to grab the second rope that was now tied across the chasm, but his fall did alert the denizen of the chasm, a giant centipede, which reached up and bit Feldspar, infecting him with its poison.  Feldspar was able to clamber across the chasm and the party soon killed the centipede.  Unfortunately for the party though, the fight with the centipede alerted the mites in the next area and one of the mites came charging in, mounted atop the giant tick.  That tick bit deep into Feldspar's leg, locking its teeth into his leg as it began to suck Feldspar's blood. 

The part sprung to action, with Joseph trying to help free Feldspar from the grappling tick and then healing him. Vlad crossed the chasm to fight the tick directly while the others worked on thinning the ranks of the mites.  Unfortunately Feldspar could not break free and the tick eventually sucked him dry, killing the poor ranger.  Cice was then finally able to get a powerful spell off that incapacitated the remaining mites and the tick was swiftly killed thereafter.  The party recovered the stolen statue and the meager treasure of the mites then took their treasures and Feldspar's body and retreated out of the lair.



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